Restaurant Owner Says the Road Construction in Front of His Restaurant on Miracle Mile Is Causing a Decrease in Customers

Sergio Catalina Bellmont stands next to a barricade from the road construction in front of his Bellmont Spanish Restaurant in Coral Gables, FL. (Courtesy: Morgan Manning)

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Sergio Catalina Bellmónt is the owner of The Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant and is losing customers because of the road construction on the Miracle Mile street.

The construction is being done on Miracle Mile so it can have a more modern look with wider sidewalks, parallel parking and lush tree canopy.

Bellmónt and his wife, Claudia Romero, founded the restaurant in 2013. Bellmónt discusses how long the road construction has been occurring around his restaurant. “It just started last year between the end of February and the beginning of March,” Bellmónt said. “For our block, it’s been a bit less than five months going on.”

A bulldozer and barricades on the same street of the Bellmont Spanish Restaurant. (Courtesy: Morgan Manning)

Even though the construction has been on the restaurant’s side of the street for only five months, Bellmónt sees the impact it has had on his restaurant. “We have seen a decrease in the number of customers,” Bellmónt said. “It has to be a lot with the fact that there is almost no parking in front of the stores.”

The road construction makes it hard for customers to go to their favorite restaurants and stores. “We have a lot of construction materials and heavy machinery and barricades all over the place,” Bellmónt said. “A lot of people think businesses are not in operation.”

Joseph Mendoza stands in front of his tractor that he uses to do road construction on the Miracle Mile street. (Courtesy: Morgan Manning)

Joseph Mendoza is a construction worker who currently works on the Miracle Mile road project and has some insight about the process. “I do feel bad because they are losing business,” Mendoza said. “But, in order for something to be great, you got to get messy first.”

Bellmónt thinks the road construction should have been managed differently so it wouldn’t affect the stores on Miracle Mile so much. “I would have brought more construction crews and made a shorter construction time on Miracle Mile,” Bellmónt said. “In the last year, we have seen a lot more organized construction happening on the road. When they first started construction, it was a bit chaotic.”

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