something surprising.

Morgan McNaught
2 min readDec 13, 2017

by me with text from angels in america by tony kushner.

Hurting is cancelled,

interior /exterior,

as a verb or way of being.

that tithing is no longer required

that no one asked u to cover ur naked body in broken glass to stop breathing to see how many shards u can let stick.

hunger is welcome-

you don’t have to disappear to b seen-

u dont need to find new ways to b small-

to want less-

covering truth in different lqqks making it palatable for folks who never loved u.

that ur free

and ur energy is not

(situations and quote unquote opportunities and projects where they mine diamonds from ur teeth saying they discovered ur riches)

your body being used as a gateway as proof to loving browness and queerness and

All of this is cancelled.

The theme is i love you (me)

The theme is i trust you (me)

The theme is i won’t leave u ever (me)

That i would marry me today

Right here

Right now

No compromise needed

I am perfect and by perfect i mean human

And if I need to hide in an igloo for a bit to re-set i’ll be here when i get out.

Hot towel

Warm oil

Tea if i want it.

The theme is myself is all i have to start from

The theme is that im good

The theme is i am on my own team

The theme is u/ the collective u/ has not met my healing with healing

The theme is I dont fucking care what ur working on

The theme is show me

The theme is boundaries


wholeness and healthiness

Of long baths and u washing my hair

Getting my scalp real good with ur nails

The theme is fireplaces and hot tubs

Of raising glasses to myself

Of chalices to myself

Of my altar being abundant

My mouth being open

Of honey being poured in,

the baptizsm and resurrection

Of plenty

Of reaching the promised land

40 acres and a mule

Of needs met and exceeded

Of my own terms

Of flyness

Of sturdiness

Of quiet

The theme is something surprising

something very surprising

(Look up)

The whole world is changing overnight

(Look up)

Prepare the way

(Look Up)

The theme is called when u pray what do u pray for

The theme is change.