I really hope to keep on track with this!

Just wanted to post my design exploration for my Captstone. Can’t wait to see how this evolves!

Just wanted to post my final project brief for the record and to hold me accountable for the project!

After revising constraints, I narrowed down my audience to young, new, millennial dads. I went with this group because I want to teach preventative steps on this topic, and starting with a younger generation fits this measure the best. Here’s some design exploration that I think goes along with this audience as well!

Shifting gears into a more specific and disruptive topic: daddy issues. There’s a lot out there supporting the ‘daughter’s’ (or child’s) side on this issue, but what about diving into the father’s side?

Here’s a story that discusses this concept and what the daughter can do to recover:

Apparently you cannot republish a story so I will post a new one I guess! I’m trying to work on creating a series but it won’t let me for some reason. Series is a never ending story, and I thought it be perfect to show a process, which is why I’m disappointed it won’t work. I contacted Medium to see what was going on.

Anyways, from a couple days ago, this was a mind map I created just to throw out some thoughts and feedback I recieved while keeping it all somewhat organized.

Mind map for masculinity norms + mental health

I explore a little bit why men…

Hello! This is my process blog for my capstone project. My topic focuses on masculinity norms and its effect on men’s mental health. This is an ongoing story, so I will continue to add to it and republish.

Personal Selection

My design object of choice is the push pin. I ended up choosing this object because as I was brainstorming what to use, something that wasn’t on the list, it was just sitting right in front of me on the wall. I thought this was a tiny thing that most people ignore and just use every day without thinking about it, so it was the perfect object.


The push pin was invented by Edwin Moore in 1900 in Newark, New Jersey. He founded his own company, called the Moore Push Pin Company, where he wanted to make…

Morgan Smith

Student at the University of Cincinnati

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