Trying to Follow

The struggles of keeping up with a Social Media presence.

I am not a very social media person. I feel like you have to live in the moment. But getting into interaction design I have realized that it is essential. So I am still working to gain a greater following and feeling comfortable showing off my designs. I have a lot of social media platforms twitter, Instagram, snapchat, youtube, Facebook, instagram, and pintrest but I have kept them private for personal reasons. You are more than welcome to follow me on any of them.


Instagram: @mojomagic5

Twitter: @mojomagic2

Snapchat: @mojomagic

Pintrest: @mojomagicstar

One thing that I have been able to be more social media present is taking over BigTimeTees Facebook and Instagram. Following them can show all the new things that I have learned about being more productive in social media.



I have also been able to work for a woman who sells LuLaRoe clothing and I have helped her with her Instagram as well. You can follow her as well to see some of my graphic design work.

Instagram: @lualroejunciton

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