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We’re not all ‘there’ yet.

I’m using the royal “we” here, and yes, I’m making some assumptions, but we aren’t all there yet.

We haven’t all arrived to that cumulative plane of wokeness where dope vibes of social discordance shake, splinter and shatter the fragile structures of supremacy that strictly constrain us. I know we haven’t, because even in the most dope, intellectual, woke AF spaces — the spaces I have always dreamed of finding one day, the environments that literally sustained me when nothing else could — we aren’t there yet.

That there requires comprehensive decolonization. But that’s not feasible — how do you remove a colonizer when you are, to varying degrees, a colonizer? It requires a complete demolition of whiteness, and therefore race, but what is the roadmap for navigating love of oneself that’s been so closely tied to melanin? It requires a surgical elimination of capitalism, but what to do when capitalism in its true form, not the crony capitalism which is the colonizers’ favorite method for preserving cache systems, is not inherently corrupt until the tool is picked up?

How to even have logical conversations on these topics? How to have human conversations on these topics, where the generational trauma and the feelings and emotions that come from it are given equal space as logical deconstructions in argumentation? How do we have culturally competent conversations that take into account the collectivism of many of these colonized sub-cultures? How do we prioritize previously invalidated, dehumanized and silenced communities without creating a hierarchy of worth at the same time?

In essence, how do we navigate intersectional equity without also being marginally inequitable? How do we actively avoid becoming the oppressors, no matter how large or small the perceived impact of that oppression?

I say we’re not there yet, because to me, there is a utopian environment where these questions don’t need to be answered because it’s explicitly obvious. But is a reality such as this feasible? Is it realistic? And if so, how do we get it there?

Because until that’s solved, there will be no such thing as a “safe space.”