Lord, help me! Or maybe I should pray for Him to help my poor family…

Do you struggle like I do with hormones? I mean, really struggle?

I had the Mirena in for around eight years. (Please do extensive research before having one placed, I am not advocating it!) During this time, I personally did not struggle with the monthly hormone battle. I still had some symptoms, but barely even noticeable. I did not even have a period! This is not good for you! It may sound like heaven, but I was naive.

Last September I had my Mirena removed and went on the pill. My husband and I would like to have a natural VBAC and after researching it, I found out I was putting myself at risk because I was not having a period every month. So, even though we still have another year or so before we want to conceive, we switched to a birth control that allowed me to have a menstrual cycle every month.

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Seriously…my poor family. I have those days, like today, that I am angry at the world. I do not really know why I am angry, I just am. So, after I finish writing this, I am going to go take a nap and pray that when I wake up, my mood has reset itself. I do not even really need the nap, but for my families sake, I am taking one.

Sometimes it is not anger, sometimes it’s what we call in our family, the weepies. The weepies is when I am extremely needy. And whiny. I get very whiny. During this time I need lots of extra affection and to be reminded that I am loved. My family is so wonderful during the weepies. My husband will say, “Kids, your mom has the weepies, give her hugs and tell her how much you love her.” He doesn’t mean in in a ‘here we go again’ way. He truly wants to help me.He is great.

He just asked me to lay down and see if that helps me feel better. Right now, at this moment, my kitchen is torn apart and I have no water or sink in the kitchen, his two kids are here and so are my four. So, we have a house full of eight people and no kitchen and I am feeling overwhelmed. And I am starting to get cramps. In fact I am going to go lay down now, instead of waiting to finish this post. I will be back in a few…


So, I took my nap. I feel so much better. Life doesn’t look so bad anymore and my family was saved from having to deal with me and my hormones for a couple hours. I try very hard not to make my children and husband suffer when my hormones are out of control. It is not their fault that I feel so crappy and they do not deserve to suffer just because I cannot control myself. I try very hard to control it, as best as I possibly can.

Here are a few things that I do that may help you control your hormones a little. I do something to reset my mood. This can vary from taking a nap, going for a run or running an errand. I also do skin to skin time with my husband. Yes. You read that right. Good hormones are released when we have skin to skin contact. Just like when we are babies. I will ask my husband to lay down with me and we cuddle without our shirts on for a little while. Cheesy, I know but it works…and he NEVER complains. I also do this if I am starting to get a migraine. I take medicine and then lay down with him, many times it helps.

I color while listening to music. Those new coloring books that are all the rage right now. I have one. I put in my ear buds and just color. I really enjoy this. Sometimes I am coloring and after awhile I look up and all of my girls have joined me and are quietly coloring their own pictures. So then I switch to speakers and we can all listen to the music. So we end up spending some very calm, quiet, quality time together.

Walks. I take lots of them. Now I will say that I am blessed to live where I live. We live out in the country on about forty plus acres of land. We have a massive pond (about eight to nine acres). I walk around that pond a lot. It is so peaceful. My attitude is usually reset by the time I make it around the pond and back to the house.

I also crochet. This is something I can do anywhere and it is cheap. I just youtubed how to make a blanket and there are tons of simple crochet stitches that are easy to learn. I have been making 1/2 granny square shawls for my girls and they love them.

The last thing I can suggest is reading or watching YouTube videos. I read books, blogs, Facebook posts, all sorts of things. I also love to watch documentaries on health and food or YouTubers that review and demo makeup. I know, that is a crazy variety but those are some of the things I enjoy.

Remember to apologize for your behavior when you slip up. It is not my families fault that I have a period and these stupid hormones. It makes it easier for them to cope with you slipping up if you genuinely apologize to them. I hope your family is as great about your monthly hormones as mine is. I know that I am blessed.

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Originally published at morganparkwrites.wordpress.com on January 10, 2016.

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