Education in Developing Countries

This point regarding the importance of education in developing countries could not be more true. Education is vital to success throughout life and paves the path for future generations to prosper. As said, education is a powerful thing that has the ability to change the future of families. By growing up in a household with educated parents, I believe that children will be more likely to be educate themselves and their posterity. I find it so interesting that each year of schooling increases future income by 10 percent. This statistic is so eye opening and encouraging when it comes to education. Having traveled to Cambodia on two separate occasions and witnessed first hand how impoverished the Kingdom of Cambodia really is, I have come to appreciate the many blessings throughout day to day life in the United States. The Caring for Cambodia organization focuses soley on the education system in Cambodia following the genocide, and the country has experienced the benefits that come from having a decent education system. Through the poverty, education has been a light to the people and has blessed the lives of many families. Their appreciation for the education system that has been implemented there is so apparent while they are at school — they are so grateful for it! I have come to realize how education is taken for granted in the United States. We have such an amazing education that we need to take advantage of, and, through that, share it with others and spread it around the world so that others can benefit from it as well. Since my experiences in Cambodia, I have taken a great interest in education around the world and the need for it to be improved. I believe that through this initiative, developing countries will become self sufficient and that the world as a whole will become stronger in so many ways.