Donald Trump or U.S. President?

A few days ago, President Donald Trump brought to the public eye the issue of putting a stop to leaks and whistleblowers. In that speech, Mr. Trump spoke about his main goal of protecting the United States. That fact was mentioned in both of the articles that I read, from both Huffington Post ( and USA Today (, and while many of the facts in the articles were very similar, they were showcases differently in each article. Overall, USA Today article seemed to be less biased against Trump than the Huffington Post article, which showed Trump as the opposite of a respected president.

In the Huffington Post article readers saw that Donald Trump puts the blame on other people to make himself look better. It’s also quite ironic for Trump’s main goal of “protecting himself” is what many seem to believe is a main reason why Trump has chosen to conduct this speech. This can be seen when Huffington Post said, “His response has been to look elsewhere in the government for malfeasance. The president has reportedly asked Stephen Feinberg, a private equity executive and close ally of Trump’s, to run a comprehensive overview of intelligence agencies.” They intentionally stacked this article to put this quote at the beginning so that readers would see it first and know that in Huffington Post’s opinion, Trump is far from innocent. Another key idea that can be seen in this article is the fact that Huffington Post used a video that completely deteriorates any good side about trump. In other articles, the author may portray Trump in a better, more “put together” demeanor and considering that he is the President of the United States he should be perceived to the public as a well rounded representative. The title of this article, “Donald Trump Just Launched A War On Whistleblowers”, directs the reader’s attention directly toward hate against Trump because it’s a “war” against people who make him look bad. Overall, this particular article showed bias against Trump but in comparison to other articles, this one is clearly less biased because of how the author chose to stack the article.

The other article, published by USA Today, is a much more biased article in regards to siding with Trump, but is still far more fair than the Huffington Post article. They start off stacking this article with a tweet made by the president, “The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught!” which has a very negative connotation against “low life leakers”, which leads the reader to believe Trumps side of the story is better than anyone else’s. To equal it out, they add “Unnamed government officials, citing phone intercepts, had said that Flynn — contrary to his earlier assertions — did indeed discuss sanctions on Russia that the Obama administration imposed on Russia for its actions during the 2016 election.” It shows both sides to the story in regards to what Trump thought, what Trump did and how the media reacted. In reference to how USA Today chose the stack this article, trumps option comes first then they reference what happened and then the media steps in and gives their take on the situation. Overall this article takes less of an “anti-Trump” side, and somewhat of a “pro-Trump”side, but is much less biased and a more fair article than the Huffington Post.

In conclusion, readers can see what intentional message each news organization was attempting to achieve. Huffington Post did not want to put Trump into a trophy case but rather took him off the top self, whereas USA Today was much more fair when it came to how Trump felt vs how the news felt about Trump. The USA Today article is a better article than the Huffington Post one due to its lack of bias in comparison to the other. The Huffington Post article made Trump seem very uneducated and portrays Trump as being childish. In comparison, the USA Today article is much more biased towards pro-trump. Both articles portray biased just in two different ways.

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