Not a One Trick Panda: Why I Chose my Commerical

I chose the commercial for Panda Cheese first and foremost because I like the idea of doing my essay on an ad campaign instead of one commercial. I can point to the creativity on the creators’ parts in that they’re using the same rhetorical methods in multiple ways. You might think “Morgan, you’re in an honors class. You need to choose something more serious.” But to that I would say a commercials purpose is to persuade someone to buy the product. You can accomplish this however you see fit. A telling sign of how successful the advertisement is is that I feel compelled to march out and buy some Panda Cheese even though it’s not available in the US!

I also think the commercial was ahead of it’s time. It’s uses humor, brevity and cuteness. All of which are things that would soon be the main focus of the public consciousness. In addition to that, the premise of the commercial is a very minimalist one. Now, it in very en vogue to “strip down” your production.

I take it as a challenge that my choice isn’t the most “traditional” or obviously nuanced. I can see a lot of thought having gone into the ad.

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