Opinion: Social Justice Proponents Full of “Shhhhh” at EIU

If social justice were actually about being nice, it would have nicer fruits. There are many “safe-zone” signs and signs decrying “homophobia” and promising to support people with disabilities and posters containing literature that blames White men for “patriarchy,” signs saying that body-positivity is about rights, and other drollery but where is positive fruit of “progressivism” and “social justice” and “multiculturalism?”

If the Safe-Zone training has existed for a few years or even a few months, then it should go away if it is not bringing in the results wanted. If division, ignorance, classism, fear, and resentment and burned bridges are what they want, then it is not a positive contribution to campus culture. If this is not the result, then it has failed. This a program for faculty. How can we as students be expected to learn things in a semester if they cannot even promote a positive environment and an open one that is for free speech and ideas and learning?

Why is it that there are still race-named programs like the Black Student Union in 2018? If the group is for all, then why is it colorized? If it is not for all, then why is it here? Could you imagine the outrage if someone started a “white” student union. But, it is equally silly to have any color-based or color-named programs, especially when students go in and out of the university every few years. This is not the fault of students but professors who have been here for years. If there is still a “black community” then integration should be encouraged. But, there is no recognizable white or black or pink or plaid community other than those registered as “registered student organizations” and some as “multicultural” clubs. But, theoretically, if any social programming can be done here, then why invest in division instead of unity? Who cares what color anyone is? There is no “community” for freshman who do not know anyone here. Any racial division has more to do with the faculty advocating for it and lauding it as “multicultural” to encourage people to form communities based upon race by joining racial clubs.

Why have people heard country music playing from my laptop on campus and called it “racist” and outdated among other things, but music about raping women is not sexist as long as it is “rap?” This is more cultural appropriation from the Soviet Union. My inner-satirical-social-justice-warrior-thought-pattern applied here is unsure whether to complain that the person playing the music was a man or to point out that he was of a different race than me: I am being a social justice warrior today. Give me a break, all this race and gender stuff is for social equality.

How come campus is a “Safe-Zone” as long as you are not saying things that others find objectionable. Who gets to decide? Who should decide? Why should anyone get to decide what others should do, especially people who have failed to not foster racial division.

Before any more students are subjected to diversity training or anything like that or “civility” or lectures bashing American heritage, those running the university should take a look in the mirror and become something they want to look in the face. It is disgraceful to ask students to worry about “white privilege” in 2018: no one should care what color you are or judge you by where you are from, unless of course, you are a straight White Christian American (and heaven help you if also male.) There are posters on “civility” and “equality” but how is this about equality? And, issues about university culture are not the students’ fault but those who have worked here for years.