Getting started with using Anthos for application management

Morgante Pell

Co-authored by Cen Liu (Cloud Consultant) and Morgante Pell (Strategic Cloud Engineer) at Google

In April, we introduced Anthos, Google Cloud’s platform for managing hybrid and multi-cloud applications easily and effectively. Anthos includes a powerful technology stack for securely migrating, managing, and operating applications in complex environments.

Since launch, Google Cloud’s Professional Services organization has helped customers to adopt Anthos and unlock value for their enterprises. As part of these engagements, we have seen a number of common patterns emerge for service management and templated application configuration.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are making some of these patterns available through open source Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) for Kubernetes. These CRDs encapsulate the successful patterns for using Anthos today and build on the concept of templated enterprise solutions we started with the Cloud Foundation Toolkit. In particular, they give platform operators within companies the ability to easily enforce policies on all levels in operating environments for applications while allowing development teams to easily request required features for their applications. This workflow integrates seamlessly with Anthos Config Management and empowers developers to focus on deploying their individual applications while the platform handles secure service communication. For example, developers merely need to state the dependencies for their microservices and allowed egress paths will be automatically configured (while unrestricted internet egress is prevented). Overall, these CRDs make it easier for enterprise customers to securely control and administer applications on Anthos.

To get started, check out the user guide or try a demo on GitHub.

AppConfig Management Workflow
Morgante Pell

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Living life heuristically / Strategic Cloud Engineer @google

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