The Beast, the New Man of 4chan

Oh those beta males with their misogyny, shame!
Didn’t you know? David Michael Kalac murdered 
his girlfriend, and blamed it on games? faith? (who’s to blame?)
Oh, but this time it’s true, I swear it, trust the Word!
Games kill, Islam, Christ on the cross. Pick a victim
for the sword! the damsel must be saved from the beast
who these belles, at his rage, would dismiss on a whim.
The manly suitor, with dull women at his feast;
the belles hate the former, while the beast hates them both.
And which, I wonder, is the more equal-minded?
Are they passive vessels, victims out of whole cloth?
Mount up, soldiers of the cross-and-circle, blinded
justice can see where to strike, kill the beast! Man up!
The toxic masculine, the flawless feminine;
the latter never toxic: shut up and grow up.
We must cleanse the castle of his original sin.
And how progressive are we, to follow the path
set up by our natures, to abandon the flawed!
And the fragile and soft are turned cruel by our wrath:
a monster in the mirror, empathy outlawed.
 Since a beast, we know, was never cured by kindness,
 and the suitor was never loved by a goddess.

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