Plot Summary — Part One

Plot Summary of yet unnamed novel by Morgan Wallace.

Ren, a human enslaved by monstrous creatures, successfully escapes the creatures’ settlement where he has been trapped his whole life. His family does not make it out with him. His parents were too old and his Sister brakes a leg trying to escape with him.

After escaping, he wanders for days and just before he thinks he might starve he finds a castle. Friendly humans open the gates to receive him. His tales of slavery instantly earn him pity and respect. The leaders of this small human group ask for his assistance in a small mission. His expertise of the creatures will help them avoid dangerous situations as they scavenge supplies near the zone occupied by the creatures.

However, on their supply mission, the humans are ambushed. The group is fractured, two of the party, Ren the former slave and Eva the mission leader, evade captors in a stolen vehicle without knowing the fate of the others.

Now, in unknown territory in their stolen vehicle, Ren and Eva attempt to return to the human stronghold by taking a wide birth of the monster encampment. In doing so, they uncover the ruins of a city. While exploring a hole in the middle of the ruins, they are confronted by a gang of humans living underground. After a brief confrontation the gang agrees to not harm Ren or Eva if they can keep their stolen vehicle. The gang speaks differently, but it was similar enough to their language that they could understand the basics. These underground people are scouts for a settlement built under the ruins of a great city. They forage for supplies and learn as much of the ancient ruins above. The scouts agree to bring them back to their settlement.

Upon arriving Ren and Eva meet with the settlement leaders and learn that they have been keeping written records of history for nearly one thousand years and the monsters they all fear are, in fact, aliens. The aliens killed nearly all humans with biological weapons right before their alien colonists landed one thousand years ago. Remaining humans were outnumbered, enslaved, put to work, and studied.

The subterranean colony survived by remaining hidden underground and hacking the air and water systems of the city. There were several hundred original humans underground, enough to repopulate and keep decent written records. They even had a library of books that needed to be copied every hundred years or so to preserve the knowledge stolen from a library a millennium ago. For the first time, Ren and Eva are told of the history of their species and with renewed sense of purpose, they plan to reunite with the strongholds on the other side of the alien zone.

End of Part 1 of 3

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