Is Liberalism a Handicap? Part II

Yes, but we have found a cure.

In my last post, I discussed the implications of Liberals being unable to access the baser elements of our ancestors, the dominant morality genes that were to our Darwinistic advantage then, now, and in the future.

This frailty is a weakness. It stunts their policy thinking. We simply don’t want neurotic people making up the rules for the rest of us.

Fortunately, their inability to access the moral foundations that have positive impacts on social systems, while apparently genetic, can be compensated for with intense life experience (like a stroke victim relearning to walk). You can unlearn your genes but it takes a very big lever of nurture.

Jonathon Haidt’s research shows CLEARLY that New York Times readers (Wealthy Liberals) suffer from a host of anxieties more than Conservatives. Libertarians suffer the least.

Cue knee-jerk liberal outrage:

Frances, stop stalking me.

The point wasn’t that we still must live like cavemen. Far from it.

The point was that via Technology, Conservatives have, through intense life experience, been RETRAINED to go against their genetic code on the moral foundations of Ingroup, Authority, and Purity.

The Internet has been an incredible long and powerful lever. In just fifteen years, we have capsized “Conservative” opinions on the lesser morals. Gay marriage. Pot. Sex Work. Surveillance. Conservatives are becoming Libertarians.

The Church is dying out. Why? Because of the Internet.

Which leads us to an obvious hope, might there be another technology that could retrain Liberals to be Libertarians on the crucial moral foundation of Fairness? Can they learn to want to punish cheaters?

Yes indeed. Hello Data Darwinism!

Thanks to technology we use everyday, in things like Ebay feedback, or apps like Uber, it is becoming incredibly easy to identify lazy people. Hell, you can even track your own laziness down to the second.

Let me say this loud and clear, on the issue of Fairness, we don’t mind if people are unproductive. We mind if they are lazy. Lazy people taking advantage of people who are not lazy is unfair.

So, let’s tie this up in a bow:

  1. Guaranteed Income / Choose Your Boss is Uber for Welfare.
  2. It is able to identify with pinpoint accuracy the lazy and separate them from the good, yet unproductive, amongst us who cannot find work.
  3. This enables us to provide anyone who wants to work a Guaranteed Income (enough money to live on)… this has long been a progressive goal.
  4. BECAUSE of Data Darwinism, Liberals (and the rest of us) will be growing up in a world, where the lazy are known. More so, the lazy will identified and fixed. In the future there will be no free riders. This will allow everyone else more personal choice for when they want to be lazy.

Historically, since the lazy are unknown, Liberals have felt it is unfair to “punish” the noble unemployed. This Liberal “blind spot” has infuriated the passions of Conservatives and Libertarians. It has kept us from solving the issue of unemployment and optimizing the social safety net.

Liberals shouldn’t be yelling at me for stating the truth about their illness. They should cheer a future where they can access their lizard brain on Fairness, because it helps the poorest and weakest who suffer today because of the left’s neuroticism.

There have been no takers.

Thirty million Americans who are not lazy, and would like to do something that other people will pay money for… who can easily deliver just $40 of value per week, are being left behind.

Liberals have a disease that is keeping us from fixing this incredible human tragedy.

We should not, ought not, and will not be “Voxed” into forgiving laziness.

Technology will turn Liberals into Libertarians on the crucial moral foundations that keep us from progress, just like it did with Conservatives.