Vox.com uses Anti-Federalism to make Americans hate each other

and Ezra Klein is a terrible person.

Since their launch, Voxsplaining juiceboxers have mentioned the word,“partisan” 272 times, “polarization” 122 times, and the word “federalism” just 10 times.

When they mention federalism those 10 times, they never do so in correct approximation to how the American right describes it. Click the link above, you'll see.

Vox.com founder, Ezra Klein’s first piece was, How politics makes us stupid:

In the mid-20th century, the two major political parties were ideologically diverse. Democrats in the South were often more conservative than Republicans in the North. The strange jumble in political coalitions made disagreement easier.

Polarization and partisanship has since become central to the Vox frame about what ails America.

So let me help… if only Ezra didn't view Federalism as a, “strange jumble,” America could have nice things. We could stop hating each other.

If you were pro-union, pro-choice, high tax, low crime voter, there used to be a state for you.

If you are today a pro-life, pro-drug, high tax, anti-union voter there is no state for you.

If you were a anti-union, pro-life, low tax, civil rights voter there used to be a state for you.

If you are today a pro-choice, anti-drug, low tax, pro-union voter there is no state for you.

This is basic math, Anti-Federalists, like Ezra Klein by moving all decision making to Washington D.C. have forced everyone to have only two flavors to pick from: Red or Blue.

All of us must now choose the primary issue(s) we care about the most and hold our nose in support of countless things we do not like, and scream at others we partially agree with to get our deeply compromised way. EVERY issue is becoming a national issue. EVERY election is now national election.

And it is Ezra Klein’s g*d damn fault.

Americans are the global genetic elite at moving away from people we don’t like.

Most of our forefathers were genetically predisposed to sacrifice family and friends to get the hell away from systems they didn’t enjoy. And then they bred with each other. Then their offspring spent two centuries moving into the wilderness, to get away from the first states they did not like.

Now we sort ourselves by the frigging zip code to be surrounded by people JUST LIKE US.

And note, Vox tisk-tisks at the European states for forming a common currency area where language and culture are at loggerheads with other… they are not movers!

But here in the states where we speak the same language, we use the same currency, our greatest trait is that we are all ready and able to move at the drop of a hat… Vox suddenly thinks Anti-Federalism is the way to go.

Ezra Klein is a world class asshole.

He’s an asshole because he knows we could all stop bickering and have 50 different flavors of political economy to choose from, but he hates most of us, and doesn't want us to live unlike him.

F*ck Ezra Klein. And f*ck Vox.com for not having a nice fat stack of cards showing how Federalism would let 20 different polical issues play out if 50 states took control of all those decisions.

The people who move to Washington DC are sick passive aggressives determined to make the people they hate and left back home miserable. That is their mission.

I'm not kidding here. There is something wrong with Ezra Klein. And he shouldn't be explaining anything to anybody, until he admits his Anti-Federalism is the reason we are all so partisan and polarized today.





But, but, but Jim Crow!

For Christ’s sake, did you really just say if we have state’s rights in 2014, Alabama is going to descend into lynchings and segregated water fountains?

It won't happen. And to stop screaming at one another, it is a risk worth taking. We can always use the Internet to boycott Alabama.

Yep, that’s right. Because today we have the Internet we can be more cavalier about promoting Federalism.

Since 1996 when the Internet took off, we have seen state after state adopt gay marriage laws, pro-drug laws, and get tougher on abortion. The change has come faster and stronger than anyone imagined possible.

The Internet makes denizens of even our swampiest backwaters into world travellers. There is no excuse for us not to lean on the Internet more and Washington DC less when it comes to political change.

I'm an old-school pro-choice Libertarian who chooses to live in Austin, Texas. Would I like abortions to be available on demand in the third trimester? Yes. Am I comfortable living in a state that limits it aggressively, and may well try to outlaw it? Yes.

Why? Because with true Federalism, Colorado will offer me or my girls, a place that is low tax, pro-drug, anti-union and pro-choice, and they can move there, or anywhere else they want.

If all 50 states adopt gay marriage or end abortion, guess what? Then, and only then, the American people having moved and sorted, and moved and sorted, amongst themselves, TRULY decided as a nation of movers, they are for gay marriage and against abortion. And to calm our passions down, we can all wait… or we can move.

That’s why Ruth Bader Ginsburg wishes SCOTUS left abortion to the states. Letting communities self determine, letting them compete philosophically, compete culturally, compete economically, builds deeper longer lasting change.