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In our studio, it’s not uncommon for designers to get super invested in the problems they’re trying to solve, often for months at a time. While this type of dedication is rewarding, at the end of a project it can lead to designers feeling a bit burned out and removed from their teammates working on other engagements.

At the beginning of last Fall, I got the sense that this was being felt across our entire design team. …

A series of overlapping circles that represent conversation
A series of overlapping circles that represent conversation

When I came back to thirteen23 after hiking the PCT, I immediately jumped into managing our design team while we looked for a new Creative Director. While it was an exciting challenge and a welcome change from the challenges of…finding water and avoiding forest animals, once I got back into the office I realized I had some work ahead of me.

One of the first things I did was set up weekly, re-occurring 1:1s with the designers on my team to open up new lines of communication and inject some structure back into the team. However, when those calendar invites went out, I found myself pretty nervous. …

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Photo by Homero Cavazos

Fame. Glory. Beer.

Ping pong is an important part of our daily routine here at thirteen23. There’s hardly an afternoon in our office where you aren’t required to dodge the occasional rogue ping pong ball while eating lunch. So when the guys at King Pong approached us to host their fourth annual Austin-wide creative agency ping pong tournament, we rallied our paddles and accepted.

However, we didn’t just want to host King Pong — we wanted to shake it up a bit. With a completely open door and two months to push out whatever we could dream up, we set out to create pieces that would be interesting and functional, all while staying true to who we are as a creative digital agency. …


Morgan Wheaton

Making things for the internet @thirteen23.

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