ATOMIC : Multi-asset Wallet with cross-chain Atomic Swap Exchange and Decentralized Orderbook


You may be questioning why Atomic wallet? We solely understand that there is a wide variety of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges out there and different new wallets are entering into the exchange every day. It will be useless for Atomic wallet to develop a product that isn’t both original or a product that would not be developing what already exists. The effects of third-party administration risks reciting to the development of blockchain-based markets have driven to the evolution of this promising project by the Atomic wallet team. The importance of this problem negatively alters ecosystem sustainability, causing vulnerability to manipulative and regulative actions. In this exhibition, we are going to look at the atomic wallet product in common and see some of the advantages associated with the project.


Atomic wallet is a decentralized exchange and wallet provides a complete and spontaneous asset management mechanism to aid users in running their crypto assets effortlessly. The platform has the excellent user interface and security systems to match the usability and user experience purposes.

The Atomic wallet delivers a strong and a decentralized solution for the custody-free cryptocurrency trading. Becuase it is a problem-solving oriented, it appears with numerous features and segments to help correct the aforementioned difficulties. Every user of the product with concerns to managing assets would be capable to execute transactions such as receiving cryptocurrencies to a produced wallet, there is also the capacity to import assets to the wallet using private keys of different formats, securely store their private keys, send cryptocurrency to different addresses, define the cryptocurrency node and blockchain explorer use etc. All these numerous features will be formed on SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) technology.


The most impressive feature of the whole system is the Atomic swap. This function promotes the exchange of assets within two selves. In most cases, events like this require the appearance of a trusted third party. But the atomic cross-chain swap passes this method in such a way that both individuals who wish to swap their coins want to generate a contract.

The Atomic Wallet currently supports 300+ coins and tokens. It’s the most comfortable way to manage all your crypto assets. The list is updated on a daily basis and the team promises to keep hunting for more


We all can see that the atomic sawp wallet has marvelous features to satisfy the average user needs. The Atomic Wallet is solely a great tool for traders, investors, developers etc. it has a great interest which is enjoyed by varieties of stakeholders.

The Atomic SDK will make life extremely easier for developers. They would be able to build sophisticated issued blockchain apps. Atomic Wallet will make it protocol immediately prepared for integration. Atomic SDK will support the creation and deployment of order to the DOB, address performance confirmations, obtain the status of executed orders and recover a list of orders from the order book. Third-party exchanges have been introduced into the platform for users to enjoy a quality of service.

Token Details

Ticker: AWC

Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Decimals: 8

Total supply: 100,000,000 AWC

Team vesting plan: 25% per year

Token Distribution

● Private presale: 50%

● Founders: 30%

● Public sale: 15%

●Bounty/Airdrops: 5%

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MACOS Windows Ubuntu Debian Fedora


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ETH WALLET ADDRESS: 0x5FBC2ec72734D291cB58c00573dbBA01dF4b333C