Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’ve seen lately growing a lot the number of articles talking about AI and how it’s going to affect us in a near future. Robots dreaming or the future of jobs with robots make us think that we are now closer than farther to feel and see what we have already seen in movies like Eva, Her, HAL in 2001 space odyssey, in the so trendy nowadays tv series Westworld or read in some of the Isaac Asimov books.

But all this hype in regards of AI is happening with other technologies we have been reading about for long time like Machine Learning or Deep Learning. If you are one of those that, like me, are starting to get confused and wondering what is the difference between all these names, I hope this article can be as useful as it was to me to understand them.

TL;DR If, on the other hand, you are not a long articles person and prefer a summary, I’d say that Artificial Intelligence is a generic term used for all the technologies that “make machines think like us”. Machine Learning is a type of AI which uses technologies that allows machines to take decisions from a bunch of data. Finally, Deep Learning, is a set of algorithms that allow to implement Machine Learning solutions.

So, in terms of from generic to more specific it could be said that: Artificial Intelligence > Machine Learning > Deep Learning.