VR scepticism

I’ve already talked with some people about VR and most of them are sceptical about the possible usefulness of this upcoming technology.

I have to say that I’m also sceptical, among others, due to the following two reasons:

  1. The current hardware technology. I don’t see very convenient the kind of “brick” you have to put on your face to be able to experience it. I know that it will improve, like has happened with many other technologies (who doesn’t remember the first mobile phones?), but in the short term…
  2. Its sister AR which can overtake VR as a virtual technology. Actually, nowadays one can read more articles regarding improvements made in AR rather than VR.

But, even with that, I think that VR is a technology that can help improve many experiences and it can be useful in many ways.

  • Visiting a museum. There is a new exposition in the MoMA which I’m very interested in. But, of course I can’t afford the time and the cost to travel to New York from Barcelona. So, I download the app from the museum and I take a virtual tour from home wearing my VR glasses. Yes, it’s not the same, but at least that would allow me to enjoy visiting the museum, something I can’t do right now.
  • I’m looking for a new flat to move in, but before scheduling a visit I do a walk around through my VR app and have a feeling if I can spend my time in that place. I’m more productive in my time, visiting only the flats I’ve already seen and I know I have some interest.
  • I’m on holidays and my favourite football team (R.C.D Espanyol de Barcelona) plays and important match I don’t want to miss. But, I’m abroad. I could watch the match and have a, kind of, same experience as being there in the Stadium.

But not only apps. Being in the mobile gaming industry has allow me to test some game in VR and I can say that many game experiences can be improved in many ways, making the people feel embedded in the gaming experience. Once you get use to the device on your face and the kind of dizzy feeling, the experience is impressive.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that VR can be one of the technologies of the future or will have the same fate than others that at their moment had more hype than future?