Wanna create new Slack community and get members? I made it super easy.

Here is my new project — Slofile.

Slofile is a place to list your Slack community for public, to get new members. Slofile displays your team’s stats using Slack API, so the potential new member can see exactly how many people and what kind of channels are there.

How today’s Fully Remote Startup looks like

Fully Remote Startups as of March 2015

Lately, I made this short list of Fully Remote Startups —companies which employees are working remotely by default. Not companies just allow remote work but require remote work as a default.

Many startups I listed has no typical headquarters. They often have a main office where the company’s address…

Disclaimer: I’m talking about natural languages, not about race nor nationality.

Day by day, I’m convinced that current software innovation is a totally English thing. New thing comes from Silicon Valley or other parts of U.S, sometimes from other English countries.

Innovations in software do not come from French, Chinese…

40+ great SaaS products for building side project for free and fast.

There are plenty of SaaS products now, and many of them are offering free plan or free tier. Sometimes completely free. Those free plans typically have limited capacity, but often enough for side projects.

I curated SaaS products which offer useful free-plan. Use them to launch your side project rapidly…

Is making vitamin so bad?

Startup people say, “Don’t make vitamin, make painkiller”.

But how many successful tech companies made painkiller?

Most products of Apple, company with $700B valuation, are vitamins. Apple II, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad were all vitamins when launched. …

Morio Okumura

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