At first the association of the above 3 subjects might be strange, it is not so much.

Recently BDS has kept, apparently, a low voice. It has shown its agressivity against Israel never stopping. It has succeed to lay off 650 palestinians working in the Sodastream factory. Now they still wait for BDS to find them a job supporting them and their family …

This last week a huge gay parade took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This is where sex has its place : Israel branded as the enemy of Palestinians, Israel shown as a theocracy, Israel assumed to be a military power, this small country with all it so called deceases, can afford organizing two huge gay pride ? This is clearly sex dignity ! No surprise that more and more gays visit the country. Now if BDS would really be concerned about human dignity, there is a long list of countries where BDS could seriously work , namely :

Stop buying oil from some of them, Stop buying gas of some of them,Stop buying fishes ,Stop buying fruits… the list is long enough. Hopefully BDS members would not end starving with an empty car tank !

Now about theocracy in Israel : in which other country in this part of the world do you see side by side, jewish synagogues, Christian churches and moslem Mosk ? You still doubt ? Easy, go to tel Aviv. Contrary to what BDS lies try to assert, Israel is the only place where there is no sex discrimination, no religious discrimination,free elections — in an ocean of theocracies where the religious law ( Chariah ) is the Only law, where gay are persecuted, where election take or do not take place at will of the reigning power !