THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: Is this spiritual body still legitimate?

Recently a court case took place in France, where the Church was being represented by the highest ranking person in charge (Archbishop of the French Roman Catholic Church, dominant in France and southern Europe, still major in Europe, but a minority in the USA) is accused of not assisting endangered minors and missing to denounce a crime (minor children sexual assaults). This means in simple and clear words, being aware of pedophilia against children by its priests and not taking appropriate action. By law, after 30 years, events are subject to a statutory limitation. It means even being supported by evidence, one could not open the case.

The archbishop declared in front of the TV cameras: “Thanks God, these events are beyond the legal limit.”

Police question French cardinal over pedophile priest — Religion News Service

As Luke said in the Bible: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Jokingly, one would say it go lost in translation… but this is no joke.

How did the Church’s main representatives react? They regret… they stress that the church would work against such events, in the future… Unfortunately, at no point in any statement do we see a firm and clear condemnation of the priests indicted and/or known for having to be part of this drama.

Beyond those terrible and sad events, the Church has not yet addressed the basic question of celibacy for its priests. This has become a major issue for the future of the Catholic church. How can a priest who claims celibacy become the adviser, the guide for families and youngsters? This makes little sense by any standard. Unless one believes that each priest has received a special blessing (from whom?), those young men have never experienced a family-life and they should tell others how to shape their lives?


It confronts us with a double standard: because it is the church; we do not treat such criminal facts as would and should be in our civilized world. How can the church keep going like this since it is not getting freed of those rotten members? It is no more in a position to preach and teach morality, love, and sincerity to the people. Modern society, not only condemns such delinquents, but excludes them from society. Here, the delinquents are still members of the Church. How can the people — irrespective if they are believers or not– accept that delinquents who have assaulted, perverted children and sometimes broken their lives, keep going?

Once, the Church represented the moral Law and was light and guidance for a majority of people.

Lacking the force and lucidity to act, condemns it to desegregation sooner or later.