The One Key Thing Affecting Your Productivity


People these days are all talking about productivity and how to get even more of your 24 hours. This created a whole new industry of productivity apps and tools which can be quite helpful. Unfortunately, one of the easiest habits leading to a more productive life is often forgotten. What we are talking about here is meditation.

How meditation affects our productivity

Do you know the feeling when you lie in bed and want to sleep but just have to many thoughts from your day running through your head or do you experience difficutlies while working on something and constantly having to think about other tasks you have to achieve or non work related things you can’t seem to forget?

Most people know this feeling and this is the part where meditation comes in very handy. It helps you focusing on one thing at a time and cleaning your mind from thoughts that are not important at the time.

How you can start mediating NOW

You can meditate anytime and anywhere and don’t need any extras to start. In the beginning though, I’d highly recommend to choose a quiet and dark room, since it has the least distractions.

Sit down in a comfortable position. Choosing the famous meditation position below can help a lot if you’re meditating for longer periods of time and don’t want to fall asleep and avoid obdormition.


If you feel uncomfortable you can choose any other position which seems comfortable. Experiment a little bit and you will find your ideal posture.

After you’ve found a comfortable position, close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. The goal is to only have your thoughts on the breathing itself and forgetting about everything around you. The same goes with this one: Experiment with different things to focus on, take numbers for example. Imagine any numbers and think about its shape and size very clearly. Try to discover any detail but don’t drift off your initial number.

That’s the key to meditation, focusing on one thing so intensely that you forget everything around it.