Renewing Medium’s focus
Ev Williams

I haven’t been an avid user of Medium so far. But as a writer, I’d certainly welcome a way to monetize my content in a way, that fits me and my readers. My initial two thoughts are this:

  1. Micro-Payment: Implement an easy micro-payment system, that makes it possible for readers to purchase articles with one click at a rate, the author considers to be appropriate. This should be optional, of course. Some contributors are still going to prefer to publish for free, e.g. companies who use for their PR.
  2. A Patreon-like model: How about giving publishers the option, to offer their readers a long-term support? This could be connected to certain goals, a publisher has to reach, before he gets the money from his readers. I imagine something like: “Pay me 5$ per month and I write you 20.000 words.” As soon, as this is reached, the payment is unlocked. If it isn’t, the money is returned to the donators.

Both options allow to keep a fair share of the donations. These are just some quick thoughts I have come up with. I’m sure, you already have thought abouth models like these, but I just wanted to share my ideas. Good luck for the future…

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