Why your Email Lists are actually Destroying your Business?

Oldschool email marketing services like MailChimp or Aweber (and lots of other services too) use Contact Lists to store your subscribers separately. But over time and as the complexity of your marketing grows you will face a serious issue: you will have to deal with tons of lists and lots of wasted information! If you would like to implement a modern marketing automation solution that relies on behavior-based activities to send highly personalized emails, you should use Contact Tags and Segments only and leave the concept of email lists behind! This short guide shows you why and how to do that.

Why I hate using several Email Lists in my marketing?

In older systems you subscribe people to different lists — this is the basic concept that helps you do your email marketing well. But unfortunately, it very shortly becomes very complex and messy! On top of everything, it prevents you from sending highly personalized messages that are truly based on behavior… but I’m sure you know that nowadays without highly targeted and personalized messages you are most likely broke. You just don’t see it yet.

So here are the 4 main reasons I hate the concept of multiple Email Lists.

Complexity multiplies over time

Let’s see an example:

  • You have 1 main contact list that has every subscriber.
  • You have Hooks (free ebooks) for lead generation purposes, so you have lists for each. Let’s say you have ebook A,B,C so you have list “A hook”, list “B hook” and list “C hook”.
  • You would like to see your leads on 1 list, wouldn’t you? That’s one more.
  • You hold webinars, don’t you? Therefore you will have lists for webinar A and webinar B.
  • You have a trial version for your app? Ok, you have a list for them too.
  • You have paying customers, so you have a list for them as well.

Just count the number of lists in this example: 9 Email lists!

Not to mention the promotions that are not permanent lists and if you would like to separate different type of clients based on the price range they are in…

The number of lists in your database exponentially grows as your company grows!

You pay multiple times for 1 contacts

In the previous example, there will be a chance that your contact will be subscribed to multiple lists… for example to 9 Email Lists. Although this contact is 1 person, you pay 9 times for it!

Now calculate a little:

  • You pay for example $199 for 50k contacts.
  • You have 50k contacts.
  • 9 lists.
  • 30k out of 50k contacts are at least on 5 lists.

It means, you have only 6k+20k, 26k individual contacts but you pay for 50k contacts!

Yes, you pay almost double the price

Disinformation is extremely harmful to your business

And what happens if your contact data changes on one of your emails lists?

For example, you get the age of the prospect (because it’s part of your qualifying process). You always have to update a contact on EVERY LIST it is on.

That’s an awful and tiring work and believe it or not, but after a while, you will fail at it and your contacts will not be synchronized. Imagine the amount of information you can loose over time!

And the result: when it comes to personalized messages or — even worse — to sales, you will have a higher chance of failing at it!

In addition, the missing information will prevent you identify characteristic patterns of your typical customers. Disinformation will drive you toward wrong business decisions on the long run!

See how harmful it can be? And there’s even more…