The Ache

You with all your charm

Shiny and gold

Pouring out of your ears

They see your face

But they don’t know your pain

They don’t know your soul

They only know your name

Hearts scream out

They think they love you

Pain is twisted inside

All the torment of their lives

They yearn, they plead

They beg and they bleed

In their souls they know

It will never be like the show

Through the bright lights and smoke

Your story unfolds

But it’s a story they will never know

They only see the show

And the show they see

Will always be

What is best for their hearts

But it’ll never be your whole soul

They get what they need

But leave aching for more

The pain they feel will never be filled

It will only leave them sore

Because you can’t give them your all

Or there’ll be nothing left to spare

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