November 13: Productivity Takes Over

Productivity took over. Yesterday I did a pile of things I’ve put off for a month. Why did it take so long? Why now? Is it because of the time and space I started leaving for morning meditation? Is it coincidental?

I don’t know. But I’m happier today than I’ve been in a month, moving forward. Momentum is a tricky thing, hard to get going but easy to keep going.

I leave today to return to New York and I’m not ready. I want to stay another week in this bed and breakfast, working here while enjoying its old-house atmosphere. I love the lilac walls and wood canopy bed and shutters and curtains and lamps. Modern technology meets an earlier time.

The bed-and-breakfast is closing in two weeks, purchased by a family that’s going to live here and use it as a house. I’m thankful to have been one of its final guests.

Time for breakfast.

Morning Meditation is a practice I am starting. As an entrepreneur I find my head spins and hope this will help increase calm and focus.

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