No, for the last time you cannot have my number.

I share this thought with a ton of love and respect for my friends and family —

and while normally I would never share such a personal thought — it’s been on my mind a lot and I think others can really relate so I am going on a limb here and sharing:

For my friends and family who have recently asked me if I have lost weight, please know that my answer is IDK (I don’t know) and IDC (I don’t care). It does NOT matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to you.

I know those who have asked me this are just trying to tell me that I look good, look fit, look *insert adjective* but to be honest I don’t want you to acknowledge me just when I look like “good”.

In fact — I want to be acknowledged on those days when I got home from work late at night and I STILL went to the gym. Or the days when I wanted a big slice of pizza and ice cream because I had no food in my house but instead made myself eggs or oatmeal and ignored the urge for takeout. (Those little wins are my favorite).

I guess what I am trying to say, is I wish people acknowledged others progress WHILE they were STILL in it rather than waiting for the end product. That would be a conversation I’d be psyched to have with just about anyone.

I want to live a healthy life not to reach an arbitrary number but so that I feel good in taking care of the only body I have.

So please, I challenge you to build someone up while they’re working to be healthy — not just after it “looks” like they’ve achieved it. Because good mental, physical and spiritual health is never “achieved”. It cannot be bench marked. It is a constant state of being. It is an act of balance filled with a lot of self love. Some days I rock at it. Some days I don’t. But I try nonetheless. I mark my goals based on how much bigger and brighter my smile gets after being able to bump up the weights when I lift, or the rush I get after a new cycling class. For me, that’s good enough. That’s all I ever wanted. So please, I say this with as much kindness and respect as I possibly can: let that be good enough for you too.

❤ Much love,


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