You can be the difference.

It is okay that the world makes you sad sometimes.

It is a very complex place, with lots of different kinds of people who all want different things. You are one of those people.

You may feel helpless sometimes because see and hear about a lot of things you want to change. The reality is that you may not have an opportunity to change things that are happening right now — right now.

Perhaps you may have that opportunity in the future.

Large problems are not solved overnight.

But you do have the opportunity to learn right now how to solve the problems for our future. Your good heart and character does not only come in handy when you have the chance to fix something. Stay positive and kind. Hard times call for greater strength than easy times ever will.

Every good deed matters. Every kind word, every hug and every smile.

You may not be able to change the entire world in one day, but you can change someone’s world in a matter of a second.

So keep doing what you’re doing, good soul. The world needs your small but powerful good deeds now more than ever.