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Datum Watch Factories (DWF) of Geneve

The history of the Swiss watch industry is littered with the desiccated remains of long defunct micro brands. Many of these brands were once Goliaths of their time (e.g. GHC). Others survive today as sad ghosts of their glorious past (e.g. PXA).

Datum Chronometer with Landeron 48 movement. Circa 1940's

The fossilized remnants of these and many more micro-brands surface from time to time on Ebay and Watch Forum Classifieds.

Some are still running but most are sold As-Is, For Repair or Restoration. In other words, donor watches changing hands as spare parts to sustain precious pieces in collectors watch boxes.

One such micro-brand is Datum Watch Factories (DWF). It was incorporated in Chene-Bougeries, Geneva Switzerland on October 23rd 1942 (Source: Mikrolasik). It is not known when business operations ceased.

Datum manufactured wrist watches bearing several registered trade names in addition to their own. These are known to include,

Curiously, some of these trademarks were registered as early as 1927 suggesting they were acquired by Datum as business assets (Source: Collecting Clocks Clock Repairs & Trademarks Index by Thomas Hodkin).

All these Datum brands used movements and ébauche from Landeron, Venus and AS. Datum do not appear to have been a Manufacture (producing their own movements) perhaps explaining their relative obsurity.

What’s left of the Datum trademarks appear to be registered to :

Manufacture of Watches Datum SA 
c / o Michel A. Juillerat 
Chemin des Tornalettes 15 
1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Datum Triton with Sub Seconds. Circa 1950's
Datum with cushion case and Date at 4 oclock. Circa 1960's