It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Well..yes,its about not race.You have to look at the most basic needs any living organism have.And go from there.On the most fundamental level its all about “power”.Every living organism and /or a group of closely related by DNA organisms (family,tribe..etc.. )tries to survive on as much independent terms as possible.

Which means controlling access to resources — food,mates, shelter ..etc.As human organism multiplied and became more numerous and creative,another layers and abstraction came along (like culture /religion /ideologies and the concept of “money”,) .But the needs are the same on the most fundamental level.And even if someone has enough resources to sustain life ,there is that desire to want more, to want what another have,the need for “self esteem”(self esteem which is a whole another topic).

So the author is seeking more power for himself and his group using tools available at his disposal(propaganda and activism). Which is fine.I just really doubt if he gain the power he seeks he’s act differently then any human in control of resources.

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