Writing and Civilization have always co-existed.

What’s remembered is rescued from oblivion and is preserved till its purpose is served.

The central function of all civilizations since the Egypt/Greco-Roman times has been the Pursuit of Preservation.

In the days of Ancient Egypt, when the knowledge holders of the day used to comprehend cryptic characters which were marked on papyrus sheets, the commoner observing this process would be greatly confounded at how new understanding is created simply by thrusting attention at a string of cryptic characters. For that common man, the priest was downloading information from the heavens.

The same effect mass-publishing had on people when "the Gutenberg Galaxy" arrived. Followed eventually by Radio, Television and Personal Computing devices.

With the arrival of each of these immensely useful devices, their real impact was only realized when these machinations were firmly established in our culture.

The Internet and Social Media have literally put those who’ve embraced it, in charge of directing their own lives.

The Masses have virtually gifted themselves the ability to help, support and create enduring solutions for each other without ever having to wait again.

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