Andela Alc Program

Honestly I don’t know where to start but I’ve got to start anyways.

I got into the Alc program through the info i got from a friend who isn’t a programmer. I was doing web development at the time i got the info, still doing it though *smiles*, then i registered and the rest is history.

now I’m a graduate, so to speak, of the Alc beginners program and i never regretted applying for it. From the planning to the follow up to the meet ups, mehn it was awesome, one intriguing thing though is that sometimes when there were hitches in the meet up planning or a little problem with something the Andela guys (Chimdi, Chioma and Co.) will be apologizing to us and i’ll be like, you people are helping to be better in life by giving us this great opportunity and some of us will end up creating world class products because of this program and you’re apologizing to us because the gen wasn’t on on time or because there wasn’t item 7 or because the meet up space isn’t large enough, in my mind i”ll be like we’re supposed to be thanking you prostrating for the opportunity and privilege to be part of a community like this.

The selflessness and unending force to help participants was just awesome and i say thank you again Andela for all you did for us, i was able to create an app solely because of the things i learnt from the Alc course.

My app gathered a 100+ downloads in just 3 days of its release (on google drive though *wink*), monitoring the traffic on , and this has made me more confident of been able to create something that’ll change this world.

Screenshots From My app

Concave is a metric conversion app, its cool and flexible, easy to use.. Download Here, I was able to do this because Andela Alc empowered me..I say it again..THANK YOU ANDELA!!!

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