Where were you when Rome was burning?

Where were you when Rome was burning?

When the dungeons of the shackled souls rang out with the cries of the not quite, not here, not yet…

Where were you when the children ran out on the streets, shrieking and searching for those familiar faces never to be seen again?

Where were you when dreams, hopes, joy, sadness, despair and all other think we call life…..vanished?

Were you, perhaps, with the men, as they desperately searched for some shield to protect them from this…this dance of yellow and orange?

Or were you with the women, as they ran from bed post to bed post waking up teary-eyed children in their wake?

Perhaps you were with the old and infirm as they patiently awaited that death they had always prayed for..

Or were you with the faceless multitude who watched with baited breath and with all the anticipation that those who do not feel can manage, as this alive and violently beautiful painting of red and yellow and orange and red and yellow and orange engulfed them..one by, miserable, one.

Did you.. did you see the look on the faces of the people, as they realised that everything they had worked for, everything that had they held as their own..was gone?

Did you look up and hear the thunderous applause of the night sky, as if the heavens themselves were watching with delight, as this ode to humanity was engulfed in this dazzling array of flames?

Did you see the soldiers, all dressed in their steely magnificence,stabbed at this enemy, expecting it to fall to their spears like many before it?

So tell me this, oh dear friend of mine, where were you when Rome was burning?

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