Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I started watching this in November, did 30 episodes in one day, then stopped until this weekend when I watched the other 34 episodes in 2 days.

I feel like… I understand why and how this anime was brilliant, and yet somehow I didn’t connect to the characters at all.

Summary, umm, there are two brothers, orphaned, natural alchemists, and they learn early on that you can’t cheat nature. Then they set off to find out how to cheat nature.

So I guess I’ll start with the good stuff. The character development in this thing was AMAZING. Instead of black and white stereotypes people are a full mesh of gray and some of them are trying so hard, some are breaking expectations others give up and quit, it’s a whole range of personalities that change over time and influence.

In the end, I feel like nothing was left unexplained, which is really hard for a show with this many characters and minor plots, but I think they really got them all tied up.

It’s an amazing anime, really, and I do recommend it.

And yet.

The main characters were too… nice, for me. The only person I really FELT something for was Greed. That wide array of personalities I talked about really exists only outside the main few characters. The brothers, for instance, make one mistake as kids, pay for it FOREVER and basically decide they will now be good and kind to everyone, and then they are. Their friend, the mechanic, is exactly the same only she doesn’t even make any mistakes. She’s just nice and understanding from start to end.

It might be easier to understand why I find this hard to relate to when I explain that my fave character in the world is Deadpool.

But, I also feel like I stopped caring about child characters as much. Especially child characters doing adult stuff like fighting wars and saving the world. I mean, they can’t, that’s all, everyone dies, the end.

So in the end, I was happy that it ended the way it did, there was satisfaction in it, but I also felt like… I could have done more useful stuff with my time.

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