“Most Popular”

Well I’m so glad Youtube started forcing this shitty option too. It started with Facebook and spread around like wildfire and I don’t understand WHY. Who uses this??? WHY would anyone use it? Twitter made some noise about doing it too but last I heard they gave up.

I’m gonna focus on Facebook here because that’s the only place I use regularly that forces this crap on me, although by the looks of it, Youtube is gonna do the same. Here’s my problem with this option — I don’t follow famous people. I follow friends and family, and some of them have a lot of followers and others don’t. My father doesn’t have a lot of followers or comments, so his posts aren’t facebook version of “popular” therefore I never see his posts. Meanwhile my cousin’s cousin who always reposts motivational posters has a lot of hugs and kisses and I constantly see her shitass posts I don’t care about. I know I can just unfollow her but keep her “friended” but that’s not the point. I don’t WANT to do that. I want to see posts as they come.

But I can’t do that. Because even though there is “Newest” option which I click, every few weeks Facebook will just switch it around. But hey, it doesn’t even matter because the “Newest” now doesn’t mean “posted last” but “had any activity last” which IS BASICALLY SAME AS MOST POPULAR JUST MORE REALTIME. Shit I’m angry about this.

So today I went on Youtube and realized they were doing the same damn thing. Again, this means that comments, posts, blogs etc that aren’t popular have no chance of GETTING popular because no one will ever see them unless they scroll to the END OF TIME.

Really though, this is all a part of a bigger problem I have with internet trying to guess what I want and getting it wrong. I don’t want “what you missed” tweets, if I think I missed something I’ll scroll down. All that option does is make me reply something “urgent” from 6h ago. I don’t want Google auto correcting my searches according to most popular because while yes, Mussolini is a very famous dictator, Musulin is the name of my family. So when I type it in, I’m not making a typo — I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.

I don’t need the internet serving me “the best” “the most interesting” “most popular” spoonfeeding me the information some random algorithm thinks I should know. (If I was more into conspiracy theories I’d take this in another direction but nvm.) Let me do my own searches and scrolling. And hey, if someone, for whatever reason, wants or needs this option, super, OPT IN. But don’t make it obligatory and certainly don’t make the “newest” option just a more complex version of same, but hope I won’t notice.