Things I did this weekend instead of lesson planning:

  1. Went to a Slavia — České Budějovice game.
  2. Visited friends, discussed two months’ worth of their sex lives. (It’s ok, I have a half-dead plant on my window.)
  3. Listened to the entire BBC Radio 4 dramatization of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. (Hated it. I’m really not a fan of either of their writing, as in, storytelling or actual sentence structuring. But I feel like it’s a matter of literary… pride or something, to at least know what’s going on in that book. I tried reading it once, it nearly killed me, so I went with the dramatization this time… can’t say it helped much but at least it only took 5 hours.)
  4. Watched “Dan kad je otišao Drug Tito”, a documentary about Ex-Yugoslav president’s death, the announcement of it and the planning and organization of his funeral procession and funeral itself. I cried, it was lovely. I was born a few years after he died but I feel like I still got to experience a bit of his heritage, before the war started and people retconned the previous 50 years.
  5. Finished the Librivox recording of Anne of Green Gables. (Cried a lot. I LOVE characters who grow and develop and learn. And I love grumpy soft-hearted old people. And for all I wasn’t sure I’d like Anne much, just like Marilla, I fell in love with her. I think I’m kinda tired of the “cool” culture we’re living in and having an open, emotional character like Anne who loves drama but doesn’t actively create drama is so refreshing. Already have Anne of Avonlea bookmarked. Checked out the show on youtube, not really into it.)

So I’m getting up at 7 tomorrow to plan my first Monday lesson. OH WELL.

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