11 Tips to Optimize Your Job Search

Here are 11 quick, easy tips and reminders for your job search:

Job search #1:-

-Get resume feedback from a friend (or friend of a friend) involved in HR or Recruiting.

Job search #2:-

-Saturdays are the worst days statistically,to apply to jobs. Mondays are you new best friend.

Job Search #3:-

-Find a job board that specializes in your role or industry. Niche boards have high quality opportunities and less noise.

Job search #4:-

-If you’re having trouble in your resume brief, swap jobs in and out based on their relevance to each particular opening.

Job search #5:-

-Follow target companies on social media. You might catch an opportunity before it’s officially posted.

Job search #6:-

-Find a job search buddy. Hold each other accountable, share tips and keep each other motivated. It helps if you meet regularly.

Job search #7:-

-If your dream company doesnt have an opening that fits you,start a conversation anyway- THINGS CHANGE !

job search #8:-

-Apply for the job you want,not the job you have.

Job search #9:-

-Follow through and follow up on your applications.

Job search #10:-

-Fancy resumes get eaten by hiring software. Keep it simple unless the design will be seen.

Job search #11:-

-Spell check. Friend check. Read-out-loud check.

Source: http://bit.ly/2kJ3J3z

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