Five Questions Every New Employee Should Ask

Every organization demands certain attributes or skills to achieve success. An insight into those on the very first day can give you a head start in a new job.

History of the Role

It’s most important to know that whether the position you have been hired for is ‘new’ or a ‘replacement’. If the role is new, then one should be able to check the proper route map of one’s growth and if it’s the replacement then one should know the exact reason for the same. These two questions will support you to estimate the elevation of your career graph.

Expectations from You

Most organizations fail to spell out clear expectations with time frame. Ask for it in writing, ask questions on the same, and seek clarity before going about achieving it. It’s important that one should have an understanding of the management’s expectations.

Understand the Vision of Co

It is important to know where your company is heading and what its growth aspects are for the coming year

Appraisal Norms

Most organizations have annual appraisals and appraisal parameters come as surprise to many at a late stage in the year. Knowing them right at the beginning will help focus better on areas that will decide your next increment and promotion

Qualities Needed

This is a chance for you to understand your strengths and how it matches with the current set of expectations. Also it helps you understand your areas of improvement.

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