Strategies To Shine In Your Dream Job Interview

dream job interview

No matter what your dream job is, the moves you make during the interview will determine your future. Here are some tips that can help.

Why are you really interested in this particular position?

You’re applying for this particular job, not a foot in the door. Instead of simply saying the company’s a great place to work, try to give specific reasons to why you think so. You can start like “Here are the three main reasons I’m interested in this position.” Instead saying “I’ve heard that Company A is a great place to work!”

How are your skills applicable to this particular position?

Often candidates rattle off what’s on their resume a checklist of job titles and skills. This doesn’t answer the question of why you’re applying. Instead, you should try to add what’s not on the resume, and how your skills could help the company.

Do you know enough about the company and position you’re applying for?

It’s not OK to just Google the company and pretend you’ve done your homework to learn about the position. Find out as much as you can not only about the company, but also about the position you’re applying for, the team you’ll be part of, and the hiring manager herself. That includes getting the hiring manager’s name right.

Have you put enough thought and effort into the position you’re applying for?

Hiring manager will always ask the job applicant for the questions he or she has regarding the organization. This is always revealing: it shows how much thought and effort you’ve put into applying for the position, and subtle differences in how you ask the question can have a big impact. Your questions should show that you have a long-term view of the position you’re applying for, and that you’re very success-oriented too.

Can you bring new ideas to the company?

During the job interview, you’ll likely get asked on how to improve the company you’re applying for. It’s a good chance to show you’re a critical thinker and good problem-solver. But remember, if you’re going to criticize the company, be prepared to offer a solution as well. Critiquing work product without offering any ideas for improvement won’t do you any favors.

Are you ready to evaluate the hiring manager, team, and company?

Interviews are a “two-way street,” so it’s a chance for you to also ask the hiring manager about his or her vision for the team. These kinds of questions will give you a good sense of the type of leader you’ll be working for, and they’ll also show the hiring manager that you’re considering the role in a broad, thoughtful way.

If every aspect of your job search process were visible to your mother, would she be proud?

Finally, it’s important to be polite, don’t lie, and other obvious things. For example, if you can’t say your mother would be proud of your job search process, you need to rethink about your entire strategy.