Business Update | August 2018

Dear Supporters, we are happy to share with you our August business update. A lot has been happening over at Morpheus Labs in the last month and we are very happy with the progress of our go-to-market strategy so far. However, we are even more excited about what is still to come!


Morpheus Labs has just joined the Food Chain Alliance with Y3 Technologies, Sakae Fintech, veritag, NULS and Reefic Protocol. The alliance aims to use blockchain technology to connect international resources and promote the safe and healthy development of the Chinese and international food industries and help relevant enterprises work together through blockchain technology. Within the Alliance, Morpheus Labs will bring in their expertise as an enterprise-level platform and play an important role in facilitating the blockchain implementation within the Alliance network.

Furthermore, we are finalizing partnership agreements with the following companies:

  • NULS
  • ICO Today
  • Smart Mind

Business Development

  • Morpheus Labs and Veritag signed a formal agreement. The signing ceremony took place on 23rd August 2018 in Chongqing, China, with the witness and presence of Singapore Minister. The partnership will have two main parts. First, an agreement for the Food Supply Chain platform (legal agreement). Second, an agreement for a joint venture to setup a blockchain lab and operation center (MoU). Read more about the partnership here.
  • A formal commercial agreements was signed with Veritag and NHA. The on boarding process will start as soon as our commercial platform launches.
  • Additionally, we are invited to be one of editorial board member by TaaS.


In order to keep educating our community about what Morpheus Labs is all about, we have launched a new series of articles on Medium. Topics discussed so far:


We started a new series of articles introducing the individual members of the Morpheus Labs team. Find the first three interviews below.


  • The use of MITx is central to our business. Also, any revenue received in Fiat will be reflected in the token demand and value.
  • The founding team of Morpheus Labs voluntarily decided to extend the lock-in period of their token shares. The Core team members joining lock-in (to end of March, 2019) are: 
    - Dorel
    - Bruce
    - Hanna
    - Clara
    - Jay
  • We have confirmed MITx will be listed on Coinsuper, with the listing date being announced soon in sync of our marketing plan in October.
  • We announced more details on the sophisticated token economics of the Morpheus Labs ecosystem.

Community Management

We partnered up with Helpdesk which will support and serve our community members through various channels. Thanks to this partnership we will be able to provide 24/7 support to our community.

*All Hoodies have been printed and will be shipped out by next week