Business Update [January 2019]

Happy 2019! The team is excited to announce on what had been done and the plans forward for the brand new year.

In case you miss it, we did a re-cap on what we have done in the Year 2018 in the post here.

Partnerships and Platform Enhancements:

  1. We are currently in talks with various System Integrators, Software Development Houses on the distributorship of our blockchain platform.
  2. In order to foster a more cohesive and inclusive partnership relationship with Blockchain Partner, we are working closely with VeChain to facilitate enhancements and looking to explore other verticals.
  3. Platform Enhancements for Partnership Management: Based on the feedback we have received from our Blockchain Partners, we are looking to explore a new feature for Premium Partners to further validate and enhance Partnership Management. This premium feature will add value to and create a stronger synergy with between Morpheus Labs and our Blockchain Premium Partners. This will assist them to garner more effective buy-ins from their community/ users where they will gain premium access to that blockchain-specific UI only when they sign in via a unique promo code.
Example of the Dashboard

Progressive Increase in Paying Enterprise Subscribers

Since the official launch of our commercial version in January 2019, we have seen a significant number of SMEs/ Enterprise clients signed up to various tiers of the platform and these clients eventually converted to paying clients of our Advanced and Enterprise tiers. As they are all conventional businesses, they are getting OTC partner’s help to purchase $MITx from exchanges in a large quantity at one go. Because of this, we saw an increase in tokens demand. To ensure there is always a smooth conversion from Fiat to $MITx, we will assist to facilitate this process between enterprise clients and the respective OTC partner. This is to ensure our token demand will be rise in tandem with the growth of business.

Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain Partnerships register a strong showing in an ever increasing partnership ecosystem. Read more here.


  1. On 7th January — We hosted the EMBA students from National Taiwan Normal University to share more on the validations of Blockchain, STOs and the Future of Blockchain.
  2. We are working endlessly to finish up the blockchain curriculum with Hanhwa Dreamplus. Do stay tuned for further announcements to this.

On another note, we have successfully hosted the Morpheus Labs Official Launch on 25th January 2019 in Singapore. Users may log onto https// to try out the blockchain platform.


  1. We are on the constant hunt for Ambassadors. Do check out the post here to see if you’ve got what it takes to be part of our team.
  2. We are gearing up and preparing for the GTM strategies and also upcoming collaborations/ events to showcase the platform.

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