Introducing: Chuang Pei-Han

CEO of Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs
Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read

In this new series of articles, we want to introduce the people behind the Morpheus Labs ecosystem. One-by-one we will discover more about the individual team members, what their interested in and why/what they work on at Morpheus Labs.

First in line is Chuang Pei-Han, founder and CEO of Morpheus Labs.

Chuang Pei-Han (CEO, Morpheus Labs)

What is your background and field of interest?

I graduated 2003 from the University of Melbourne in Information Systems (IS) and been working in banking & investment till 2010. This is when I left to raise seed funding for my first startup. My primary experience is in business development with SME’s and enterprises, as well as fundraising. I am always interested in problem-solving and opportunity identification in order to build a successful business.

How and why did you end up at Morpheus Labs?

I ran a company which has exposure in software development, and in 2015, started to get some SME enquires about blockchain technologies. My first blockchain startup was selected as part of the SGinnovate program and took up a professional course through the MIT Fintech initiative where I also met Branson and Bruce.

What exactly are you doing at Morpheus Labs?

As Morpheus Labs is a startup, I wear many hats throughout the day. This includes operations, business development, marketing, investor relations and working closely together with all team members to ensure efficiency and to make sure all are aligned on our shared vision and mission.

What is your biggest achievement at Morpheus Labs?

  • Selected in SGInnovate
  • Top 5 of Dubai bidder
  • Building a great team
  • Completed the ICO and now on-boarding clients
  • Potential clients / partners telling us that we are the critical piece in blockchain adoption

What are you most excited about regarding the future of Morpheus Labs?

We are building something that every blockchain developer and builder needs and increase their success rate.

What are your personal interests / hobbies / etc.?

Besides going to gym, I like to spend time with my family and reading any kind of book. Enjoy good food is also a great way to relax.

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