[MITx Token Listing Announcement]‬

Morpheus Labs
Aug 1, 2019 · 2 min read

‬‬We are glad to announce that $MITx will be listed on BitMax.io tomorrow, 2 Aug at 22.00H (GMT +8) with USDT, BTC pairings! #BTMX

Launched in July 2018, BitMax.io‬ provides users with features that they actually want, including high-performance trading, liquidity, easy-to-use interfaces, security from attacks, and stable services in terms of uptime and management of market volatility.

It also provides users with an innovative feature known as the “trans-fee-mining” model, which does not just keep trading costs down but also offers the potential for traders to profit from trading activity. This is an innovative way of incentivising use of the BitMax platform so that traders earn both investment and mining income.

Ranked top 23rd digital asset trading platform in the world, BitMax.io has established itself with solid reputation of transparency and integrity in the highly competitive digital asset trading platform space, which has proved to bring additional benefits for their platform partners.

Learn more about BixMax here: https://bitmax.io/#/home

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