Morpheus Labs and CryptoBrandLab announce Strategic Collaboration

Morpheus Labs x Crypto Brand Lab

Morpheus Labs is excited to announce a new collaboration with CryptoBrandLab — a blockchain marketing and branding company that has worked with over 20 projects in the space.

The goal is to create comprehensive & easy to understand content that showcases all aspects of Morpheus Labs and reshape our brand through beautiful design and great user experience. We are confident this will raise our profile in the crypto community and to enterprises.

Through our collaboration, CryptoBrandLab will assist us on several fronts:

  • A complete re-design of our current website to make it more appealing and easier to navigate for all visitors. Our internal team will work on the development side to ensure that the user experience is vastly improved.
  • The creation of animated videos and product demos to better explain our project to the community, but also for prospective B2B customers to realize the potential of collaborating with us.
  • A comprehensive content marketing strategy which will involve us putting forth engaging content that covers all aspects of our project — including long-form written content (Medium, LinkedIn), Social Media posts (Twitter), Infographics and short animated videos (Telegram, YouTube).
  • The redesign of current Pitch Decks to support blockchain, client, distributor and investor relationships.
  • Organic community growth campaigns to target investors, Blockchains, Distributors, and clients.

Having spent the last months building our product, we are now also focusing on making it easier for the blockchain world to understand our value proposition.

We are excited for you to be a part of our journey.

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