Morpheus Labs’ Year-End Roundup 2019

Morpheus Labs
Dec 31, 2019 · 11 min read

Like the old saying goes: “This year was like a jawbreaker — hard but good.”

2019 has proven to be a year when blockchain technology has gotten down to business. Going further from the wild early days of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain is making large steps in nearly every industry, from insurance to pharmaceuticals to luxury goods.

The Morpheus Team keep ourselves on our toes and we are set to build the foundation of its business. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of this journey with Morpheus Labs.

While we did a recap on what we have done in the Year 2018 in the post here , we are proud to share the company’s main achievements and highlights this year.


  1. Morpheus Labs’ Official Launch.

In 2018, the Morpheus Labs’ team had worked to on-board strategic and blockchain partners that could contribute to the ecosystem and benefit the greater community. We officially launched our Blockchain Platform on the 25th of January this year.

Our official launch and networking session was held to honour the hard work done in the previous year and to officiate the exclusive launch of the Blockchain Platform and App Marketplace.

2. We were featured on Forbes.

Yes, we were on Forbes, featuring Blockchain partnership became part of our business model.

Check out the article -> to understand the Blockchain Partnerships with us.

3. We became a Standard Technology Partner within AWS.

Morpheus Labs is proud to be endorsed and on-boarded as the Standard Technology Partner within the AWS. Enterprises can reach out to us to facilitate blockchain solutions in the AWS marketplace. Find out about AWS Partner Network >

4. We participated and presented at ‘The Block Monaco 2019’ event.

From left: Robbie and Tommo (our ambassadors), and our CIO, Dorel D. Burcea

At Monaco Blockchain Conference 2019, we showcased our enterprise solutions to European customer and Investors, giving the audience an overview of what Morpheus Labs is all about.

5. We attended AIBC Malta Summit 2019 Winter Edition.

We attended the AIBC Malta Summit where we met a lot of key people in the blockchain scene and explored the possibilities of the future together. Special thanks to @S2BConnected ! We look forward to working with people with great innovations in the coming years.

6. We were featured in Singapore Blockchain landscape by IMDA.

We were featured in The Blockchain Landscape Map Project of Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Learn more:

Our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Long cited three ingredients he said were necessary for Singapore to succeed in its vision to use technology to improve the quality of life for all — which one of them is that Singapore will also need more leaders and managers who know “what is real, what is snake oil, what is a buzzword and what is a promising solution”, both in the Government and in the private sector.

We get it. And here we are.

7. We were appointed as the Blockchain technology provider in a Chongqing Connectivity Initiative project.

Minister Chan Chun Sing said the CCI — which focuses on modern connectivity and modern services — has shown that Singapore-China collaboration has evolved in tandem with China’s priorities, while also showcasing how the two countries complement each other’s strengths. Photo: Enterprise Singapore

Morpheus Labs is appointed Blockchain Technology provider and Project Coordinator by @veriTAG_ in a Chong Qing Connectivity Initiative (CCI) project facilitated by IMDA and Chong Qing State Government. Learn more:

Launched in 2015, Chongqing Connectivity Initiative (CCI) is the third government-to-government project between the two sides. For Singapore and Chongqing, the CCI represents a key part of the cooperation strategy to facilitate seamless transportation of goods between China and Southeast Asia via Singapore.

The project is currently under development and we will share more in time to come.

Our focus: Education

Blockchain is an emerging technology and even though there are many blockchains available to use, there is a distinct lack of developers or engineers in the space. To facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain, we commit ourselves to build the blockchain ecosystem and one of the first steps is to build a blockchain-powered education.

Blockchain engineers are required to have a different set of skill sets and knowledge from the mainstream engineers and high quality practical blockchain training will help grow more blockchain engineers.

After the basic online training many of them may want to further grow their career path as blockchain engineers. These future blockchain engineers / developers can then further leverage our platform to build various blockchain dapps and accumulate practical experience of dealing with multiple blockchains.

In addition, from rich sets of blockchain applications in the Application Library (an Application Marketplace with source codes available) on our platform, they can learn from other blockchain practitioners to further enhance their dApp development skills. These students will become our loyal users, from their first step into blockchain space to becoming experienced engineers / developers in the blockchain community.

In Q1 of 2019, We hosted the EMBA students from National Taiwan Normal University and Researchers-Tsinghua Fintech Research to share more on the validations of Blockchain, STOs and the Future of Blockchain.

There was a coverage with Central News Agency (CNA) of Taiwan on the exchange programme with the EMBA Students of National Taiwan Normal University. Check out the link >

We launched the Blockchain Curriculum with Hanwha Dreamplus in South Korea, a Global Startup Incubator powered by a South Korean business conglomerate, to cement our partnership to promote blockchain education and the growth of its ecosystem.

The Blockchain Curriculum is a 7-week intensive education programme which includes a mix of theoretical and practical components focused on the theory behind blockchain and practical coding of a sample of decentralized applications (DApps) conducted with Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS).

Through partnerships, we reached out to thousands of students who are willing to learn blockchain and the underlying technology.

The programme is suitable for users from diverse backgrounds, ranging from those interested in learning the basics of blockchain technology to budding technology engineers or programmers.

We are currently in talks with several education providers and we can’t wait to share with you what is to come! Keep a look-out for our updates!

Our vision and mission remain the same as when we first started. While we on-board Blockchain partners, we want to work with our partners at the same level of commitment and dedication to drive user adoption on our platform and Blockchain technology together.

We also want to provide opportunity for keen individuals to explore and experiment with blockchain technology and enterprises to break free from resource constraints without breaking their bank.

Blockchain protocols that were integrated on our BPaaS

There are still blockchain integrations queued to be on the BPaaS, which is a time and resource consuming process for both parties. As we move along, more blockchains will be added to our platform. We can’t wait to be ready to run the race together with common goals, towards a decentralized future.

To prepare our businesses for the next wave of transformation and opportunity and to produce innovations that can be scaled, we need to work in partnership. With the formed partnerships, we seek business growth in China and Europe.


This new partnership provides exposure to new enterprise opportunities leveraging on IntegrationWorks expertise in Integration and Industry 4.0 technologies that delivers on an organization’s specific and customised needs, supported by reliable, flexible, and budget-conscious solutions on Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain-Platform As a Service with a App Library feature which is built to help scale businesses on blockchain technology rapidly.

Learn more:


CloudHUB Asia Limited, which is proudly established by ACW Group to take on the latest challenges of the cloud world.We are pleased to be Cloudhub’s first partner in Hong Kong to bring exciting new solutions to Blockchain community and companies keen to experiment with BlockChain technologies.

Learn more:


This partnership brings a combination of deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment, and organizational change management to help support clients through successful transformations E2E.

Learn more:

What’s your ideal teamwork environment? Some people like risks, others prefer rules. Some want consensus, while others want to win. We cried, we laughed, we fought, we debated and sometimes we agree to disagree. Through it all, we worked together with the understanding that we are all different people of different strengths and cultures.

Chuang Pei Han, our CEO has a word for the team: “On behalf of the Management Team, we want to thank you for all your dedication towards the work! Teamwork makes the dream work happen! Looking forward to more great work from the team.”

What’s in the pipeline

We want to do more in the coming year, challenging ourselves for greater breakthroughs.

  1. DEV Community Development

We believe that people-to-people knowledge is key. The goal here is the creation of a meaningful network of [human] connections where the sharing of knowledge is both impulsive and instinctive.

We will be looking for:

a. Community Manager defines the community development strategy and growth plan. Oversee the Tech Ambassadors’ activities and performance.

b. Tech Ambassadors who will act as technical evangelists that have expertise in the Morpheus platform. Constantly work to outreach and attract new developers and actively involved in the community related initiatives such as: create new features for the platform, publish applications in the App Library, participate in workshops and hackathons.

c. Developers — a ML BPaaS developer ready to use our platform for the platform new features, for initiatives such as workshops and hackathons as well as part of their professional activities.

More details coming up, wait for it!

2. As you may know, we were at the official launch of Blockchain Village @ Medini, Malaysia and we had a discussion with GBS Iskandar on how we could work together to build a regional hub for the Blockchain industry-from developing talents, setting up infrastructure to house companies to promoting BC business development in Malaysia. (We have a few projects that are under development, and we are not able to share at this time.)

3. BPaaS v2.0

The BPaaS version 2.0 aims to be an end-to-end platform for enterprises for enterprise grade applications which are revenue sensitive and business process driven. BPaaS 2.0 will introduce the Solution Center, the placeholder for enterprises to develop, test and run applications. The Solution Center features are:

  • Enhanced CDE (Collaborative Development Environment)
  • Applications Runtime — for customers to run their applications
  • Services — ready-to-use service (some having white-labeling features) . Example: KYC/AML, Tokenization Services , Asset Tracking , Distributed Storage
  • Business APIs — allow external ecosystems interact with the platform services and integrated blockchains
  • Enhanced AppLibrary — not only marketplace for dApps but integrated skill assessment and reputation ranking combined with exposure to recruiters and incubators.
  • More Use Cases and App reference to download and (re)use. Example: Automotive, Credit Risk , Food Safety.

Moving forward, we will work on the enhancement of the platform on the interoperability with public nodes to increase the token usage.

4. Blockchain education

As mentioned earlier in this article, we focus on education and we will continue to commit ourselves to build the blockchain ecosystem and a blockchain-powered education by engaging educational entities to nurture future batches of development talents.

As a middleware company seeking to facilitate blockchain adoption, we feel it’s mandatory to reach as wide as we can. With this in mind, we’ve actively talking and seeking out online education providers, whereas we hope to offer our BPAAS as their development solution.

We are currently in talks with several education providers and we can’t wait to share with you what is to come. Keep a look-out for our updates!

5. Onboard enterprise clients

We want to onboard more enterprise clients by providing exploration in blockchain-based solution and proof-of-concept (POC) services to businesses. We would also like to work with partners to spin off vertical industry solutions with technology.

In Closing

This year, we finished our smartdrop campaign and distributed the rewards, which didn’t go as smooth as we hoped. For that, we apologize. We’re thankful for the patience shown by the community and glad it’s finished and we can move on constructively together.

2019 is the year when the blockchain ecosystem and the crypto industry as a whole had to get sober. After a wild 2017 and a bear 2018, the blockchain space is back on an upwards trajectory with new developments. We will be less focused on the current price of bitcoin and more focused on producing meaningful services and advancements — which Morpheus Labs are working on! We are confident that we are right on-track. In short, talk less, work more. :)

Last but not least, THANK YOU.

To all of our partners, friends, followers, users and group participants for supporting us and helping us, building a decentralised future — Thank you for your dedication and commitment to drive blockchain adoption together.

Thank you for your unwavering trust and support in Morpheus Labs when we are lacking along the way, we still have lots of room for improvement in many ways.

Cheers to greater things ahead!

Yours sincerely,

Morpheus Team

Be a part of our Community!

Talk to us in our Official Telegram group chat:




Twitter: @morpheuslabs_io

For any query, please contact us at

Morpheus Labs

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