Riding Onto The Adoption Wave — Morpheus Labs Official Launch

Official Launch Event on 25 Jan 2019

On 25th Jan 2019, Morpheus Labs held the Official Launch event in Singapore. The event had garnered strong interest from the developers’ houses, members of the public and our regional partners.

The agenda as per appended.

  • Value of Blockchain Market
  • The Hype Chart of Blockchain Adoption
  • Adopting of Blockchains by Corporations/ Enterprises
  • Our Business Models and Validations by Partners
  • The Insights of Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform
  • STO-As-A-Service (ICO-As-A-Service)
  • Questions & Answers
  • Networking and Reception

Attendees shared their sentiments that this event had opened up a positive mindset about blockchain adoption:

“This session had showcased a breakthrough the traditional blockchain platform, where multi-blockchains would be possible in near future. And this also enables me to open up that the team is doing a great job in linking up various technologies and partners to ensure success. Can’t wait for the coming future.” commented by Roy, Operations @ F&B Startup who attended the event to learn about blockchain technologies and STOs.

“This is definitely a revolution for the tech as this will provided more time for team to work on more important stuff instead of spending more time to work on the blockchain tech as it’s still an early stage for the local firms to look into this” commented by Khai, CTO of a Singapore-based Software Development Firm.

“I didn’t know I can just conduct an ICO within 5 minutes. Or STOs if Singapore regulators welcome it. This would be something beneficial to the local fintech scene.” shared by David, an attendee who is keen to explore more on ICOs and STOs.

“This platform had helped us in terms of being more productive and time efficient and helped us with the client management for blockchain-powered projects.” quoted by Head of Tech, Mr Vinu Varghese of XMinds, a Software Developers’ House who had subscribed to our platform during the official launch event.

Also, the C-Levels of Morpheus Labs had taken lengths and depths to explain about the business and platform, here are the snippets following the event:

The Blockchain Market Share by Year 2030
Morpheus Labs COO, Branson Lee sharing on the Adoption Wave in years to come.

Morpheus Labs, Chief Operations Officer, Mr Branson Lee shared on the hype chart of Blockchain technologies and how Morpheus Labs can work towards in capturing the market share by Year 2030 and also on the value that we bring to the table for Corporations and Enterprises.

Morpheus Labs COO, Branson Lee sharing on the pain spots of Blockchain Tech.
Sharing on Partners’ Validations

The session also shared about the partnerships and the validations that we garnered as a business model.

Within the next few days, announcements will be made on the upcoming partnerships that will help to build a strong foundation for the coming challenges and also, support to facilitate the future of the economy.

Morpheus Labs CIO, Mr Dorel D Burcea showcasing the Blockchain Platform and Capabilities.
Showcasing the VeChain Blockchain Operations running on the Platform.

Chief Information Officer, Mr Dorel shared the UXUI of the Blockchain Platform and App Marketplace. The screenshot above showcase that our Blockchain Partner, VeChain’s Blockchain Ops is now running on the platform.

Sharing about ICO/ STO as a Service
Networking Session

Year 2018 had been a year of hard work where the team had put in their best efforts to develop and work on the platform, signed off good partnerships and validations. As mentioned by our CEO Mr Chuang Pei-Han in one of his interviews earlier, Year 2019 will be focusing on scaling the business and bringing value to both partners and future working and paying corporations.

With the official launch of the Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform on 25th Jan 2019, the team is excited to announce that our Version 1.0.0 is now LIVE.

Users may login to register/ sign up and try out the platform via:


The Stacks/ Subscription Tiers

For those who are #FOMO and unable to attend the session on 25th Jan, the team had put together a series of photos via Facebook. :)

Do drop us an email at info@morpheuslabs.io for questions pertaining to the sign-up OR willynn@morpheuslabs.io for future collaborations.


Morpheus Labs is a Singapore-based blockchain startup founded in the Year 2017 aims to build a comprehensive Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) and App Marketplace that enables organisations rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers at the fraction of the current cost and time.


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