The Final Results — SmartDrop

Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience. After many sleepless nights and many cups of coffee, we have finally completed the review of the submissions and calculation of the scores.

We are pleased to announce the list of worthy winners who have submitted good articles, some made very interesting videos and so on. Just a reminder of the different actions that will contribute to the final score:

a. Proof of Alliance (Staking)

b. Article submission

c. Youtube video submission

d. Referrals

e. Developer bonus

f. Retweeting

g. Qpocket downloads

You can view the final rankings here →

Many of you will be asking how come we did not give out tokens to 10,000 people, this is due to a multitude of factors. Unfortunately, we found multiple bot submissions, people using a few hundred fake emails, duplicate IP submissions and low effort, plagiarized work among unverified submissions. So we decided to reward the people that genuinely contributed to our campaign and have shown interest and support to Morpheus Labs.

Now with regards to token distributions, as mentioned in our previous article regarding this, we will be releasing tokens in batches, which will start soon. We will notify you once we have finished distribution schedule and mechanisms.

Thank you very much for joining us in our SmartDrop!

The Morpheus Labs Team!



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