How To…Get Your Trace Subscription on Your Other Devices

morpholio trace
Sep 12 · 2 min read

With your subscription, did you know that you also get Trace for free on all of your mobile devices? Here’s how:


01. Get Trace!

Download Trace on your other iOS device. Important: You MUST be using the same iTunes account that you originally purchased Trace with for this to work!


02. Log into Morpholio

Log into your Morpholio account on your new device. Hint: If you can’t remember your password, tap “Forgot Password?” at the bottom to reset it.


03. Subscription Store

Tap the “Go Pro” button on the Projects Page to activate the Subscription Store.


04. Activate Your Subscription!

Tap the “Restore Purchases” button and then “Pro” to activate your subscription on your other device. It’s that easy — now get to drawing!

Learn more about Morpholio Trace.

Download Morpholio Trace for you iPad or iPhone.

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