How to…Share Your Board Files

morpholio board
Oct 15 · 2 min read

Did you know you can now effortlessly share all of your original Board files? Want to send a board to your team back at the office, AirDrop it onto your iPhone for a quick client meeting or simply save it to your files for better organization? Below is a quick “How To” guide to get you started sharing and backing up your work.

01. Edit Mode

From the Board projects page, tap “Select” to enter into edit mode.


02. Pick Your Projects

Select the projects that you want to export or share. Hint: You can also duplicate, copy/paste, group, or delete projects while in edit mode!


03. Share Your Projects

Tap “Export” to AirDrop to another device, save to your cloud storage, or email them out. When you’re finished simply hit “Done.” It’s that easy!

Note: Some email and storage services may only allow one file to be shared at a time. Please be sure to check all files go through.

Learn more about Board Pro.
Download Board Pro on your iPad or iPhone.

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